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The GirlFags Community

For GirlFags and GuyDykes and Friends and Lovers

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GirlFags and GuyDykes and and Friends and Lovers
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Girlfags love/lust for gay/bi men. Like faghags, but get CLOSER. & Guydykes like lesbian/bi women.
Q: What is a girlfag?
A: A woman who is very attracted to gay/bi men. She may (or may not) also feel she is (fully or partly) a "gay man in a woman's body". Many girlfags consider themselves to be genderqueer. Girlfags may identify primarily as bi or straight or lesbian, and are often attracted to more types of people than just gay/bi men.

Q: What is a guydyke?
A: A man who is very attracted to lesbian/bi women. He may (or may not) also feel he is (fully or partly) a "lesbian in a man's body", and/or genderqueer. Guydykes may identify primarily as bi or straight or gay, and are often attracted to more types of people than just lesbian/bi women.

Q: Do I have to be a girlfag to join the GirlFags group?
A: NO! Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, including:
* Girlfags
* Gay/bi men looking for girlfags
* Guydykes
* Lesbian/bi women looking for guydykes
* Anyone wanting to disuss the topics of girlfags and guydykes.

Q: What can I post about
A: Almost anything that's at least a little related to the topics of girlfags and guydykes.

Q: Are there any posting rules?
A: Although this community will be primarily devoted to the topic of girlfags, discussion of guydyke issues is also welcome. Please -- this community is about these topics; don't post personal ads, "memes" or test results, or spam. Community promos are OK if and only if they are directly relevant to this community. Email me first if you're unsure if your promo is appropriate. Do not post using explicit icons or pictures (including graphic sex, bdsm, violence) -- i.e. no icons or pictures that could be considered "Not Work Safe". If your post is not short (i.e. more than a paragraph or three) or it includes more than 1 small picture, use the LJ code: <LJ-CUT>long paragraphs of stuff</LJ-CUT> . Please also don't change your font size (except for a small comment or footnote) because many people have problems reading small type on their screens.

Inappropriate posts will be commented upon, including the reason I considered it inappropriate (so you'll have a copy of your post in your email if you get emailed comments), then your post will be deleted -- sorry. This policy also goes for inappropriate comments, of course.

Q: How is a girlfag different from a fag hag?
A: Fag hags prefer "their fag" to be 100% gay (i.e. not attracted to women at all, since they do not want anything romantic or sexual to develop. Fag hags generally prefer to be "best girlfriends" (in the het sense) with "their fag"; they like him to be "safe" from being a dating prospect. Girlfags are attracted to gay male sexuality and/or romance. While some girlfags are content to merely watch or fantasize, many more want to participate. So most girlfags hope that a guy would be "at least bi enough" to be willing to date (sex and/or romance) her.

Q: What are girlfags and guydykes like?
A: Girlfags and guydykes are often bisexual and polyamorous and genderqueer, though not all are. Beyond that, you'll have to find out for yourself ;) !

Q: Can I post porn pix or stories here?
A: I'd prefer you didn't, though mentioning a link or two in the course of a post is fine. If you wanna post such things, you may wanna try mm_f.

Q: Can I post personal ads here, or posts about trying to hook up with people here?
A: I'd rather you didn't. This community is for discussion, and I'd like to keep it focussed that way. If you wanna hook up with folks, you may wanna try mm_f.

Q: Any relevant books you can recommend?
A: On the topic of girlfags (though the word isn't explicitly used) and other orientation-bending topics, I highly recommend: POMOSEXUALS, ed. by Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel. Also, A well-written girlfag fantasy fiction story by Carol Queen is THE LEAHTER DADDY AND THE FEMME if you find the gay male leather scene appealing.

This girlfags community was founded by Clare rampling. I had a sidebar article entitled "Who's That Girlfag?" published in the Summer 2003 issue of BUST magazine, p. 65 (a print mag -- not online!). Click on this link to see the full text.

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