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Advice for a discouraged Girlfag?

So, I'm a 20 year old female and my entire life I just felt like something was off. My first relationship was with just about the nicest guy ever. We dated for three years, but it still felt like something was missing.  As I time passed, I found myself constantly falling for gay and bi guys. I never wanted to admit that it was me though. My family is very religious and I was always afraid that they wouldn't take it well, so I just tried to ignore it and push my feelings aside. I finally met this great guy and everything was going amazing. I honestly thought he was "The One", if there is such a thing. And about three months into the relationship he tells me he thinks he's gay and he can't be with me. Honestly when he told me he was gay I responded "me too" xD Is that not the most frustrating thing ever? Has anyone else ever been in a situation like this? I'm really struggling with feeling like no one will ever be able to return my affections. It seems like everyone I fall for isn't interested in my outsides. Any advice or support?
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