risephenix (risephenix) wrote in girlfags,

journey of a GuyDyke

I am a Guydyke really exited to share my story to the world .

It all started when i am 14 years old looking at all the girls in my school feeling depressed and hoping to become one some day . I never really cross dressed , all these years i just fantasize about being a girl and feminine stuff to get my self turned on .

I never been into guys and cant even make sex with my girlfriend with out fantasizing being a girl or taking the role of opposite sex .

Cross dressers , transsexuals , transgender none of these really suits my condition . There are days where i felt depressed and suicidal unable to understand what i truly am
miraculously i came across this concept of autogynephelia and girl fag - guy dykes thing and really amazed how girlfags and guydykes resonate with each other .

I like girls who are smart , independent and passionate . I like to be submissive and feel pretty by my partner . i am looking for a serious relationship hoping to get married to an awesome girlfag .
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