MsNewSesshoma (msnewsesshoma) wrote in girlfags,


Wow. I'm 18 years old, been like this since I was in middle school (the seventh grade to be exact) and I just found out that people have come up with a name for girls like me. I always figured there were a few girls somewhere, hidden in the little crevices of the world, that liked this sort of thing but I never thought I would hear about it. I guess it was just my way of making myself feel normal while being different from the majority of my society. I watch yaoi, gay porn, and even somehow explain my addictions in doing so to the two boyfriends that I have gotten in high school. They accepted me as I was and even understand my feelings towards gay males when I see them. Making comments such as "oh look at those guys. They're cute, huh? I like the tall one" in a shy/awkward way just so that I can feel accepted and not so weird. It's become a part of me and I've found that through the yaoi community there are many other girls who understand my attraction to animated gay relationships. They just don't transfer over to real men like I do. Actually seeing this community made me so excited and I have now joined live journal because of it. Thank you to all you wonderful girls for banning together and helping create a place where others like us can feel like they are not alone.
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