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Girlfags & boobs

So .. girlfags and boobs. Hm. What is your relationship with these spare bits of flesh? 
I quite like them in a good bra - to have a feminine-looking cleavage and it's all natural. No hormones required. 
But sometimes I think of them almost like "moobs", so I'm "male" and have taken loads of hormones and therefore have great boobs. 
I feel like I'm a MfF transsexual but without all the effort that that usually requires. I pass perfectly as a woman. 
But will never be one. 
Not inside. 
I'm very conscious that I am a poof. I like that - I would like to reclaim that word, if I may. I talk, move, walk like a gay male. Actually I walk and move like a man. I always have. Even though I am not butch. Not in any way shape or form. That is what I can't get my head around. Apart from I swear a lot and like to be one of the guys sometimes. So ok, maybe a little.  "Normal" girls often see me as quite butch anyway. 
I'm so jealous of gay men that they get to be gay men. I like to watch films and read books with homoerotic/homosexual themes. But it is always accompanied by sadness. Sadness that I have to apply imagination and mental effort to be able to live that as me. 
So that's what I got from my boobs and thinking about what they mean to me, which is often nothing really. I don't have much feeling in them and I'm often quite bemused that they are there. They're nice to squeeze. But I'm glad they're small. Very fucking glad actually. So that's me and my boobs. yay. :) 
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